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This amazing friend and producer Skorpion is from San Francisco, United States. You all will love his amazing unique style on music that lives forever on EDM world.In early 2022 Skorpion released his second EP “Void Drummer” on London-based label Deeper DnB, exploring heavy drum patterns and dissonant rolling basses and atmospheres. Returning to heavier neurofunk sounds and pushing the boundaries, he released the "Tribulations" EP on UK-based STONX music to finish 2022 off strong. Starting 2023 with a bang he featured a 90 minute production showcase on Dave Colombo Jenkins’ 1MoreThing series, and began releasing downtempo music on the LFTD and Crossworlder labels. In the near future you can expect Skorpion releases on additional respected labels including InTheLab Recordings, Sinful Maze, Abyssal Music, The, Juicebox, Swagpill Records, and All 172 Things and ofcourse now on Dialect Audio. 

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