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Transforma is a neurofunk artist hailing from Queensland, Australia. Started his career in Australia but has since moved on to UK/EU.With a passion for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Transforma creates captivating and immersive neurofunk tracks that leave listeners in awe. Known for his intricate sound design and attention to detail, Transforma's music is characterized by its intense basslines, complex drum patterns, and futuristic atmospheres. Drawing inspiration from various genres and styles, Transforma brings a unique and innovative approach to the neurofunk scene. With his talent and dedication, Transforma continues to make waves in the Queensland music scene and beyond, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing soundscapes. Non-stop hard work and dedication has respectively landed him releases, signings and label affiliation with some of the worlds leading labels and artists, Being featured on many promotional channels and has also landed a few chart topping releases on Beatport throughout his career. He has been on labels like Blackout | Cause4Concern | Bad Taste | Korsakov | Sinful Maze | Red Light | Code Smell | Neuroheadz | Protocode | Hanzom | Kill Tomorrow | Close 2 Death | Abducted LTD | Boomslang | Neurofunk what else | High Resistance | Shellshock | VTO | Expedite | Brainrave Music | Sinuous | Future Sickness | Sorta Kinda Music | Ammunition and ofcourse now on Dialect Audio.

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